Monday, January 05, 2009

Transition complete

It had to happen, I suppose: it happens to everybody seemingly. I have become a prude. I have become my parents.

The first sign was when I found myself saying to a niece, "How can you call that 'music'?".

Now I find myself asking, "How can they call this 'literature'?".

I borrowed a book from the library a few days ago, a book of short stories about the internet. Of the 4 stories I've read, or tried to read, so far, 3 have been about sex.

(The other is unreadable because of the number of footnotes. Hey, this is meant to be a short story, not an academic treatise.)

What is this obsession with sex? I was hoping there might be the odd story or two that I could recommend to teachers and students.

Why wasn't the book categorised as adult fiction?

Why aren't there cinema-style ratings for books?


Cheryl Oakes said...

Terry, I don't believe you have become a prude, just more discriminating! Happy New Year! Cheryl

Terry said...

You are too kind, Cheryl! Thanks, and happy new year to you and yours too!