Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creative Writing Exercise: Autobiography: The course

I am on my way home from a course, and already I can tell that it worked. Called "Loving Relationships Training", it was advertised by the proclamation "Get in touch with your inner self!". Well, that sounded like something different to do on a Saturday, so in a moment of profligate curiosity I signed up.

It was a decision I regretted. From the moment the day started with an introduction by some gushing woman with a permanent smile, to all the mumbo jumbo about deep breathing, I spent the day being bored, angry or bemused.

And yet, it seems to have worked.

I am on the London tube, and people are friendly.

A man asks me if I have a light for his cigarette.

A woman smiles at me.

Someone remarks to me how efficient the transport system seems to be these days.

Everybody wants to talk to me, and it is so annoying. All I want is to be left alone to read my book: "How to Win Friends and Influence People".


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