Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More on the Online Information conference

Everything is a balancing act. Take this morning, for instance. I was faced with the choice between racing to get a particular session, or taking some time to consolidate some of my notes from yesterday at the conference and responding to emails from clients.

I decided to opt for the more leisurely course of action. This was mainly because I think it's important to respond to clients and potential clients in a timely way (well, I try to do so with everyone actually), and partly because of the way the conference sessions have been orgaised. There are two or three sessions one after the other in each room at a particular time, and it's hard to try and barge in at the appropriate time if the one you're interested in happens to be on last. Yesterday I had to sit through a couple of dire sessions, and frankly I didn't want to risk the same thing happening today, when there were other things I could (and should) be getting on with.

Having said that, I also attended a couple of cracking sessions, including one by Jenny Levine on what libraries are doing in the world of Web 2.0 (a lot for schools to learn from this), and Marydee Ojaha on searching the web (ditto). I will be writing more about these very soon, on the ICT in Education site.

And now, having been fed, watered and energised by writing this blog, I'm about to line up for a seminar.

More later, but in the meantime if you want to follow the conference in Twitter the commonly-accepted hashtags are #onlineinfo and #onlineinfo08.

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