Saturday, March 24, 2007

Zoundry Test

I've just downloaded and installed a program called Zoundry, a WYSIWYG editor for creating, and then publishing, blog entries.

So far it seems OK, apart from the annoying fact that a tag box simply will not go away. I like the fact that it has a spell-checker, activated by F7, which I am used to, and that it automatically downloaded and installed a UK dictionary.

You can use different types of tag -- I am using Technorati. But it's a shame that you can only use one type at a time, and that it's too easy to get rid of your list of tags: I am about to type them in for the third time!

I have to say that I'm impressed by the fact that it downloaded my previous entries, which makes editing them a piece of cake: I can do it all from my desktop instead of going into Blogger. And that's another thing: after Google had finished messing about with all the account settings, my Windows Live Writer would no longer connect to my blog. This one had no trouble at all.

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