Friday, October 02, 2009

A Writer's Diary: Thursday - The Dreaded Deadlines

tfscaredI am having one of those days. As deadlines start to close in on me, like the zombies in Night of the Living Dead, my ability to be creative is rapidly diminishing. This is bad news: I have an article to write for my own website, and one to write for an American website, Technology and Learning.

It’s very interesting writing for an American audience. Every so often I get taken to task for using ‘learnt’ instead of ‘learned’ or ‘different from’ rather than ‘different than’. That crack by Oscar Wilde about the British and the Americans having everything in common except, of course, language is almost true!

My solution is to take myself off to the gym. I have recently taken up keep fit in a serious way, going to the gym or going swimming at least three times a week. It sounds like a waste of time, and indeed it is time I can ill afford. However, I don’t think it’s my imagination that the surge of creativity I experience afterwards outweighs the time used.

Moreover, a happy side effect is that I am becoming more Adonis-like with every passing day. I will soon be so thin it will be impossible to see me when I turn sideways.

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