Friday, September 25, 2009

A Writer's Diary: Monday

I was recently invited by the Society of Authors to write a diary for a week, from a writer's perspective. Here is the result.

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. I don’t usually write short stories, but today I managed to think about, write (in my head, again) and then actually write a work of fiction which will fit nicely into a free newsletter I publish, called Computers in Classrooms ( I don’t often include such examples of frivolity in the newsletter, but teachers do not live by serious articles alone.

I can’t reproduce it here because that would be unfair on my subscribers. However, what I can tell you is that I’ve written it in the ‘hard-boiled’ style of Raymond Chandler ( Now there’s an interesting exercise in itself: try writing about a subject in a style that is completely antithetical to the subject matter. In my case, the result is reasonably humorous because of the incongruity, and so gives a bit of light relief. Heaven knows we could do with some light relief in education!


The story has now been published on the website.


Keith said...

Well chosen photograph to illustrate this post!

Terry said...

Thanks, Keith!